Embracing spring

So spring has always been my favourite time of the year and I was really looking for a lovely day to be spent outside without a coat on and that time has finally come when I can put on a cute spring dress and let it show completely and not only through my jacket. This was exciting, and something I love even more about spring are flowers, lovely walks in parks and cute roads and a good old on-the-go lunch.

This week my boyfriend and I had a lovely day in Vigevano, a city near Milan I used to visit a lot during my childhood, which is the cutest place to visit when spring comes around. It has cute little streets to walk down, a pair of cozy gardens and I expecially love the old square which according to my boyfriend totally looks like you are on a set of The Borgias. We had a good old flat bread from La Piadineria (our favorite place) and picked up our usual zucchini, mozzarella and tomatoes vegetarian piadina, which was delicious as always, but it tasted even better eaten outside under the sunshine. 

We also had a pair of stops in the green areas of the city, in the Sforza Castle garden and the little park with a cute lake filled of swan, fishes and turtles that have always been there since I can remember. It was just a super lovely day and this kind of trips far away from the crowd, the shops and crowded malls, always makes me think nowadays we tend to forget we can have a lovely time even far away from a big city like Milan, from the shops and the caotic metropolis. This made me remember my childhood, and I know there's nothing more bittersweet than that, but it also made me think there couldn't be a best way to embrace and welcome spring this year. We definitely need to plan more trips like this and have a lovely time exploring cute places this year, as we never tend to do that.

Which is your favorite open-air place to visit when spring comes around?

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