DIY Coffee and Coconut Scrub

I've always loved the scent of coffee and can't deny I was pretty tempted for a while to try making myself a DIY coffee based beauty product, but I had way too many body scrubs and lotions to be finished and never really found myself putting together a few ingredients to create something. But a few weeks ago I came up with the idea of a coffee body scrub and as soon as I finished my beloved & Other Stories Sugar Crush Body Scrub (and my heart is still weeping for seeing this one going - may need to repurchase it soon), I washed the little jar it came in and decided to try an impromptu body scrub recipe.

This is what I used:

  • 1/2 cup coffee (powder and beans)
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil

I used both coffee powder and coffee beans as I wanted to give my scrub a bit of texture and I needed for it to be very harsh on the skin as this is how I love my body scrubs to be. I of course chopped the coffee beans very finely before adding them to the mixture. If you don't love super harsh body scrubs, go for only coffee powder or just a little bit of beans but not half of it, if you are like me instead and love a bit of good exfoliating action on those limbs of yours, then use half chopped beans and half powder and your scrub will have a beautiful texture! I also added a bit of white sugar to add more texture, but you can go for brown sugar as well if you want it to be more abrasive. Once mixed together all the dry ingredients I added the oils, the olive oil first and mixed and the coconut oil immediately after. I used the coconut oil when still solid and melted it down with my hands a bit before mixing it with the other ingredients always using my hands as things can be a bit tricky with a spoon.

I know this is a mess, but once finished you just need to decant it into a big jar and wash your hands (which will be already automatically scrubbed at this time). This scrub smells absolutely amazing and if you love coffee I'm sure you'll love this too, but if you don't the scent could be a bit overwhelming for you, just warning. Also if you use too much coffee beans this can be a bit messy in the shower and leave you something to clean on the floor, but to me this is not too annoying as I love the scent and how good this is in exfoliating my skin, plus thanks to the olive and coconut oils it also leaves your skin pretty hydrated and soft. The coffee scent actually stays on you for a few good hours even after rinsing it out which I love, and someone says coffee helps in mantaining the skin young and elastic, so...

Will you try this recipe?

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