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Last month was the time of huge changes in my life, I went over a period in which I didn't actually know what to do with my life, and I finally decided to sit down and rationally think about who I wanted to be. I understood I was going the wrong way and what I was doing wasn't right for me. I'm young so a drastic change right now in my life didn't cause a lot of problems as I was just starting building my life, but now I'm trying to follow some of my modest dreams firstly by starting my own business.

You may don't know, but me and CSS and HTML had a past life together not even a very long time ago. A few years ago when I stopped designing I'd never thought I would come back again one day, but having a blog gave me the opportunity to start designing my own template again for myself, and firstly was a bit difficult understanding how Blogger works, but I blogged for two years on here now, and during this long time I actually had the opportunity to make out a few things. I finally came up with some blogger templates for myself I used on my blog during these past years and that I was satisfied with, but I actually had a lot of creative ideas and wanted to practice what I learned, so I decided to start designing some templates for other blogs, which at the beginning were just hypothetical, untill the idea of starting a business popped up in my mind and I opened an Etsy shop called Pandabops Design.

The idea behind it is very simple: I had a really hard time in trying to understand how blogger templates work on my own and I knew that little something about CSS and HTML already, so I can understand how difficult could be if you are a beginner. I started by searching some free minimal or cute designs online but I couldn't find anything that really satisfied me, whereas the cuter template came at too expensive prices for my wallet considering mine is only a little blog and doesn't really need something too sophisticated for now. As I said I then tried to built my own templates myself and with a few trying I finally came up with something good. My idea is making cute, minimalist blogger templates very accessible and at reasonable prices so that even little blogs that want to grow can afford a beautiful design. My templates are pretty minimal and simple, often inspired by flowers and nature, but very customizable as you can usually change all the colors, fonts, widgets and widths. I try to keep them on a low profile without any super complicated javascript, big images or similar to avoid slow loading and achieve an optimal navigation out of every of them. I also try to keep them always as customizable as possible so that you change things easly if you need to.

I worked hard this past month in order to create a few brand new templates and other things for my little shop, and even though my shop is pretty new, the things that are now available are a few and you can already choose between three different premade blogger templates, Lilac TulipsMimosa and Cherry Blossom and two packs of very useful social media icons in grey with a wooden pattern or in a beautiful and girly mauve pink. I also came up with the idea to create some grey premade favicons for blogs and websites featuring the whole alphabet so that you can choose your favorite letter and use it as custom favicon for your site. I offer a Blogger Template Installation Pack for anyone who needs help in installing my templates or wants to save time, but my templates come all with a super easy to follow installation manual for who is more pratical and knows how to do it on his/her own.

I would love to offer a 20% off code for you to celebrate my shop's opening as I know between my readers there are a lot of bloggers that may need a little makeover for their blog and are looking for a cheaper alternative, or that want to customize their new or old blogs a bit. So if you're interested in something from my little shop, you can use the coupon code OPENING20 at checkout to claim your 20%. This discount code will be running from now untill the 15th of this month, so you may want to check my shop out sometimes these next days as next in my list to publish are other social media icons, a Lavander template and a custom blogger template service. These will be for sure up on my shop within the 15th of April, so you can use the coupon on those ones too as soon as they'll be online!
Also I have a little thank you discount code coming with every order.

I'm so happy my shop is finally open as I worked really hard all the month in March to create those templates and design elements. I hope you enjoy them and like my idea, but I especially hope you won't judge me: I know I can't live with this little shop only, and I want to underline I'm pretty concious of that as it may sounds like this is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, but this little project is really keeping my creativity alive and I've always loved and really missed web design, so here I am coming back to my origins. Building my own business is very scary as I don't ever know if people are going to like my work, if I'm going to have positive responses or my hard work will never be appreciated, but I really believe in this right now and I hope I can find some support soon.

Thanks so much to everyone that is going to check my little shop out!

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