A fresh new start

You may have noticed I've stopped blogging regulary this last week, it was because I had plans for this blog of mine to change a little bit and have a new fresh interface, but things has changed a lot more than only that. It was a while I couldn't feel my blog like somewhere to truely and completely express myself, but this is exactly what blogs are meant to be, places where you can share things you love and enjoy doing it. I started worrying a bit too much about stats, I was a bit bored with my only beauty related content, and these and some other reasons brought me to the decision to refresh it completely and start blogging in a different way.

I was very inspired by some recent posts on other blogs and decided to stop worrying about stats and things, but only appreciate what I have, a place where I can completely express myself, and so I decided I'm going to widen my contents and start blogging about other things I love instead of only beauty, such as food, deisgn, home decor, and also to include some lifestyle posts more often, which are definitely my favorites to read. Of course my main passion is beauty so I'll continue blogging about that, but I'm going to try not treat it as my main and only topic on here and spice things up a bit more often.

You may have noticed my blog has a new name, which I definitely like a lot more. Also changing my blog name can be a bit a tricky decision, but really makes things easier when it comes to make a big change in the content. My old blog's name was too beauty related and didn't go well with my new purposes, this new one instead is definitely a lot more appropriate. The word Café always makes me think of a cozy place where to spend a beautiful afternoon, and Miel, well, you know I'm obsessed by honey!

I also decided to stop writing in italian, and this was probably my biggest decision and doubt as I know a lot of my readers read me in italian, but writing in two different languages takes a lot of time and is way too demanding, plus I always hated that moment when I had to translate all my post from english to italian, it was very boring as you can imagine. It really took all my inspiration and creativity away, whereas writing in one language only is definitely more quick so I can post more often and is never boring. Also I recently started hating the italian blogging reality for way too many reasons, it really made blogging something I wanted to stay away from, and this wasn't right, so I decided to finally escape from that reality.

Of course I changed my blog template, and this is nothing more than my favorite between my premade blogger templates, Lilac Tulips, edited just a bit.

I'm really excited to see my new content go live super soon on here since as soon as I decided to make this big change I came up with some beautiful ideas for the upcoming posts. Hopefully this way will keep my creativity always alive when it comes to my blog since I love blogging more than everything else! Hope you can appreciate this fresh new start and understand my reasons. 

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