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Three long years have passed from when I used to use Photoshop on a daily basis and during these past years I just opened it to edit my blog pictures, resize and brighten them a bit, but nothing very creative was going on in there. Recently though, I launched my little design shop and even though Photoshop isn't always a necessity, I'm definitely everyday more into it and have restarted playing with a few fonts and pattern. I actually took a few pictures and blended them together, added some filters and a quote and used this as my desktop wallpaper. I liked it a lot and created a paired iPhone wallpaper and so I thought I could share it with you!

I don't know about you but I love freebies even if they're tech stuff as desktop wallpapers or to-do lists to be printed (next on my list actually), so I thought I could share some of my wallpapers more often and make it a seasonal or monthly thing, we'll see. My Photoshop skills are not so good as they used to be and I'm a bit rusty, but I really enjoy my Photoshop sessions now and again as there's always so much to learn and it's one of my favorite ways to be creative - so hopefully this sharing thing will help me going back on track and remember all the Photoshop function I used to know.

This time this wallpaper is very spring-inspired and the actual background pictures were taken in my backyard as I have this little paradise out there with plenty of flowering trees right now - and I get so excited and go ahead and take pictures of everything.

Hope you enjoy it and have a good Sunday!

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