Mini Goals | May

I'm one of those persons who really needs to have some goals in life to actually feel like I'm getting something done, and this rule applies to big things as well as to little daily or monthly plans, so I thought I could start sharing some mini goals I'm trying to set myself every month or so - maybe just because it will feel so good ticking them all off at the end of the month.

Watercolor painting - In April I started my little business and refreshed my blog as well, and as any fresh new start or new thing to come, they brought to me a breath of fresh air and are really keeping my creativity alive, so that I'm everyday more into playing around with Photoshop and tech stuffs, but I'm actually planning to go back to watercolor painting and trying making something beautiful by hands and brushes.

Visiting new places - Everytime I visit new places I always keep wondering why I do it so rarely, and I'm planning to spend a lot more time visiting beautiful natural spots we are surrounded by. Also visiting new places is always so inspiring, brings back memories and feels so nice and refreshing. I should definitely do it a lot more often.

Sticking to my routine - Working from home is something lovely but sometimes can be so stressful especially if you tend to overdo and don't stick to a routine or to your own pre-estabilished working hours. And I always do that. I need to remember a lot more I have a life too and I can do something different but always creative even away from my computer, but mainly to stick to my working hours and don't continue working even late in the evening as this really makes my mood worst.

Reading - back in the days I loved reading and being captured by a book completely was one of my favourite things as it really brought me in other worlds and stimulated my fantasy, but nowadays is very rare I find time to read a book, or better, when I have free time I always prefer doing something different. I miss reading though, and I think this is the time I should come back to books and have some good reading sessions during the week. First on my to read list is Game of Thrones.

I thought to keep these mini goals pretty easy and not go too deep, as I know the little things can make my days better as well and I don't want to dream too big. So hopefully I'll be able to stick to them and make my month of May a little bit better and more creative.

What about your May's mini goals?

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