Not impressed

You may already know I had considered the purchase of a Tangle Teezer for a really long time and I finally went for it as soon as I saw it live for the first time ever a few months ago. My doubts were lots as I didn't really know if I'll ever need something like a good detangling brush as my hair isn't difficult or too painful to comb. I was pretty intrigued though by the reviews online and I have to admit I was pretty incouraged by the loss of too many locks of mine.

The Tangle Teezer should be a pretty innovative hair brush to help you detangle your hair painless and easier. It aims to be more gentle than every other hair brush and perfect for every hair type, suitable even for vulnerable and color treated hair. What really pushed me to buy it was that being thought to suit every hair needs as well as to be super gentle, I thought it could really make the difference in avoiding my hair loss.

So, is it worth? I don't think so. This is a very expensive hair brush in my opinion, and that's an amount of money I wasn't sure about spending on a brush, but being that everyone describes it as a phenomenal tool, I thought it could really be worth. I have really thick, oily and straight hair and rarely I have problems with tangles, and if you have a similar hair type to mine and are considering buying a Tangle Teezer yourself, I would say save your money for something better and keep using your usual hair brush (or buy a cheaper one) because on me the results are pretty much the same. Yes, you have a little cute tool to expose in your bathroom and it sometimes can avoid some painful processes (but for me it happens really rarely) - but nothing more than that really. I can't understand the hype and I wish I never changed my mind about avoiding this purchase. I can see this can be the magic answer to some hair types issue especially who has hair prone to tangle easly, but I'm really not that impressed at all. As regards the hair loss I found a good green shampoo helps a lot and gives the best results even if not paired with a similar tool.

Any other who doesn't love the Tangle Teezer out there?

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